Wild Summer berries (Scandinavia)

Wild Summer Berries (Scandinavia)

Monash FODMAP Team, 09 July 2015

To our friends in Norway with questions about fresh wild berries.  

While we do not have these types of wild berries available in Australia, a friend and colleague- Leena Putkonen (from Finland) - has visited our team with small samples of freeze-dried, ground versions of some of them.   

Please note that these analysis are preliminary (we need to analyse more samples before the information will appear in our app).  

Second, note that 1 tablespoon or 9g of dried cranberry (is equivalent to around 130gram fresh berries). 

The results of our preliminary FODMAP analysis suggests that:

Bilberry and Lingonberry appear to be low in FODMAP.

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Blackcurrants contain high amounts of the sugar polyol- sorbitol and so intake of this berry should be avoided if you are sensitive to sorbitol.

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Sea Buckthorn berries appear to be high in excess fructose and so intake should be limited if you are sensitive to fructose.

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Cranberry does contains the Oligo-fructans and so intake of large quantities should be avoided, however, 1 tablespoon or 9g of dried cranberry (is equivalent to around 130gram fresh berries) is low FODMAP and should be well tolerated by most. 

Because everyone tolerates foods differently it is important to find your own ‘tolerance level’. 
Therefore please use this information as a guide only.  

Happy summer berry picking from the Monash FODMAP team!

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