The Story Behind Fodbods

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Vanessa - Fodbods founder, 04 September 2023

Fodbods was created by Melbourne-based Vanessa. After years of suffering from gut issues, she was introduced to the FODMAP diet and it completely transformed her life.

As a busy mum of two and former corporate high-flyer, she was frequently eating on the go and quickly realised there was a big gap in the market for healthy low FODMAP snacks.

“So many people live with gut issues, not realising that they can often be managed by simple diet changes. Unfortunately most snacks on the market, in particular protein bars, contain high FODMAP ingredients which are the most common cause of IBS symptoms. I felt that I had to do something about this so I created Fodbods.”

What makes Fodbods protein bars unique?

Fodbods are the only Monash certified low FODMAP protein bars made and owned in Australia! They’re dietitian formulated, 100% natural, vegan and gluten-free.

Fodbods bars are very high in protein to keep you feeling full for longer. As our entire range is plant based, we use a blend of pea and rice protein, along with soy protein crisps, to provide a more complete amino acid profile. Often plant-derived proteins contain FODMAPs but Fodbods bars contain a very pure form of protein and the bars have been tested and certified as low FODMAP.

Fodbods protein bars come in 7 unique flavour combinations and two different sizes (50g and 30g) – “from peanut butter and chocolate, to more unique flavours like lemon, raspberry and banana, I wanted there to be a deliciously indulgent flavour to suit everyone’s different taste buds.”

For so many people, Fodbods are just delicious healthy snacks, but for others, Fodbods can be life changing – finally something they can trust, to take with them everywhere so they’re never caught out with nothing to eat.

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Who are Fodbods great for?

At Fodbods we believe in making healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their preferences, dietary or lifestyle requirements.

Some of our wonderful customers include:

● People with food intolerances (e.g., FODMAP) or dietary restrictions (e.g., gluten-free or plant-based diets);

● People who are time poor, e.g., parents or busy professionals who just need a quick, nourishing and satiating snack;

● Health conscious people seeking nutritionally balanced, organic or natural products with no additives or preservatives; and

● Active individuals, including athletes, whose dietary requirements may be higher and may experience exercise induced gut symptoms.

Where can you buy Fodbods?

You can order from Fodbods directly in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. They’re also stocked in over 500 Australian stores including select Woolworths, speciality grocers, pharmacies, fitness studios and cafes.

Where can I find out more information on Fodbods?

Follow Fodbods on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok or check out their website for informative blog posts, delicious healthy recipes, and exciting product updates!

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