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Hudson Shapiro - Founder of TumLove, 04 May 2023

TumLove is an American brand producing protein powders that are Monash Low FODMAP Certified. We have spoken exclusively with the founder Hudson Shapiro to give you the scoop on the special story that lead to his creation of this wonderful range.

Who is TumLove?

TumLove is a company that specializes in gut-friendly and low FODMAP protein powders. Our mission is to deliver clean and simple protein that doesn't irritate your gut. We aim to help those struggling with bloating, cramping, and general gut discomfort caused by typical protein supplements.

Tell us a bit about how TumLove was founded.

I'm Hudson, the founder of TumLove. Back in 2020, I was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn's disease. Managing my diagnosis hasn't been easy, even with the incredible support of family and friends.

After my diagnosis, I made it my mission to help others struggling with gut issues. Eating is particularly challenging for those with gut issues, and I wanted to create a brand solely focused on addressing this problem. Eventually, I stumbled on protein powder. It was perfect! Not only did those with gut issues have trouble digesting it, but that seemed to be the case for most people.

I went straight to work and found the best ingredients and nutrition experts to help bring my vision to life, and TumLove was born!

What makes your Low FODMAP protein different?

TumLove protein contains only 8 ingredients. It’s vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and contains zero added sugar! Made from all natural ingredients such as pea protein, sprouted rice protein, and freeze-dried banana powder. Our protein products are also low FODMAP certified by Monash University.

TumLove protein tastes delicious! Unlike most gritty and chalky vegan protein blends on the market today, our protein blend has a smooth and creamy texture you will love!

What makes TumLove a great protein powder for those following a low FODMAP diet?

TumLove protein is made specifically for those with gut issues and following a low FODMAP diet. Unlike typical protein powder, our products are low in FODMAPs which have been shown to reduce symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, and pain for those with IBS and other gut conditions.

How do I use it?

This tasty gut friendly protein powder is a convenient way to increase your plant-based protein intake. It can be added to your favourite low FODMAP recipes such as smoothies, pancakes, muffins and brownie mixes.

Where can I buy your product?

All TumLove orders should be placed directly through our website: https://tumlove.com/

We ship within the USA only. See our website for shipping details.

If you have any questions before placing an order, please contact us at support@tumlove.com and we would be more than happy to chat.

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