How do FODMAPs trigger IBS symptoms?

Monash FODMAP Team, 18 December 2015

Animation artists are helping to visualise and communicate complex scientific findings. The Monash FODMAP Team has worked with the animation artist, Christopher Hammang (from the Garvan Institute in Sydney) to produce a short video that explains how FODMAPs trigger symptoms associated with IBS. We have found that when patients have a good understanding of the mechanisms by which FODMAPs trigger IBS symptoms, they find it easier to follow a low FODMAP diet.

Our animation video brings to life the physiological effects of FODMAPs; explains how FODMAPs trigger IBS symptoms, and shows the dramatic effects of a low FODMAP diet in this population. The animation visualises and communicates the findings of research, conducted over several decades, which has quantified the FODMAP composition of hundreds of different foods; described the mechanism by which the diet works, and shown that a low FODMAP diet improves symptom control in approximately three out of every four people with IBS.

The animation has so far received a very welcome response on social media and we hope it continues to be a valuable tool for clinicians and patients alike.

Here are some of the thoughts of our audience so far:

'Excellent video to explain the effect of FODMAPS on IBS sufferers.’

‘This a great explanation thankyou!! I'm also so grateful for the low fodmap diet!!’

This is exactly what I needed to explain to friends/family what the heck is going on in my gut! Thanks Monash team

'Great work guys. This is going to be really useful to use in the clinic.’

'Such a great little piece of sci comms...well done!

'This explains my tummy a bit better than I can’

We hope you like it too!

The Monash FODMAP Team

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