Alleviating stress and anxiety related symptoms

Alleviating Symptoms Part 4

Shirley Webber - Research Dietitian, 09 August 2016

Stress/Anxiety Related Symptoms

A major contributor to IBS symptoms in some individuals is stress. Many of you will have experienced an increase in symptoms prior to a job interview or a public presentation… We wrap up our series on alleviating symptoms with some tips to help manage this potential contributor:

Stress/Anxiety related symptoms

  • Find stress management strategies to help you through the situation.

  • You might find it helpful to talk to someone – someone close to you, a colleague or a professional counsellor.

  • Exercise can be a great stress reliever for many people and can help relieve your symptoms. Again this doesn’t have to be strenuous - just getting moving can help.

  • If the stress that you are experiencing is high level and is continuing for an extended period of time then we recommend discussing this stress with your regular GP for extra support strategies.

  • You might also benefit from gut directed psychological therapies such as hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

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