FAQ's: Android and iOS app update

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Erin Dwyer - Research Dietitian, 18 February 2019

Got a question about the new app updates (2018/9)? Find the most common questions answered below.

1. Where is the 'Search Bar'? 

You can find the 'search bar' by 'pulling down' the screen in both the first screen of the Food Guide OR in the individual food categories

2. Why aren't the FODMAP food serves listed in order of smallest to largest or vice versa? 

The first listed serve is the serve that correlates with the main traffic light on the right of your screen. This serve is a 'standard serve size' as classified by the Australian Dietary Guidelines. The subsequent serves will then either increase or decrease depending on the FODMAP content - e.g. Eggplant/Aubergine starts with a green serve and as the serves increase so does the FODMAP content. 

3. Why have the traffic light ratings changed for some foods? 

In standardising our serves, some foods overall rating changed from high to low or vice versa. The FODMAP content has not changed, just which serve is listed e.g. Blueberries were initially green but the standard fruit serve of 125g means they are listed as red, so just stick to the green serve when in Step 1 of the diet. 

4. How do I know when new food have been added? 

We have created a 'New Foods' category, scroll down in the Food Guide to find it. 

5. How do I set my filters? 

Read our detailed blog on FODMAP filters here.

6. How do I use the app to reintroduce foods? 

Start by clicking 'Start the Diet' on the home screen. Scroll down to Step 2: Reintroduction and the tutorial will guide you through how to use the Diary to reintroduce all FODMAP groups. 

7. Why is my Android app not displaying correctly?

If your screen looks cut off or information is not displaying completely then you likely have an older device with a small screen. Unfortunately our app is not supported on these devices. 

8. Why can't I download the app on my device? 

The app is available on iOS and Android tablets and phones. We are currently working on other tablets but we do not support any PC or desktop devices. Android devices need to be using operating system 6-10 and iOS needs to be 11 or higher. 

9. How do I change the language of my app? 

Android devices: Go to Settings in the top left of your home screen and choose your language.

iOS devices: Your language is based on the language your phone is set to. E.g. if your phone is set up in Spanish, the app will automatically be in Spanish.

10. Why are my images not loading?

The app requires a strong internet connection as information is downloaded each time you open the app. If you have poor internet speed you can decrease the quality of the images in your settings to help them load quicker. 

11. Why doesn't the app include a bar code scanner? 

Read our detailed blog on why we don't have a scanner here

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