FAQ: Why doesn't the Monash FODMAP App have a barcode scanner?

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Monash FODMAP Team, 17 October 2018

One of our most asked questions is will Monash FODMAP be adding a barcode scanner to our app?
The short answer is no - but here is why: 

Food scanning apps operate based on the food ingredients listed on the package. While this approach provides an estimate regarding the FODMAP content of a product, it is less accurate than Monash’s method of laboratory testing for FODMAP content. FODMAP levels can vary greatly depending on ingredient selection and food processing methods, meaning it is not possible to accurately determine the FODMAP content based on an ingredients list alone. In fact, the wide variation in the FODMAP content of manufactured foods led us to develop the Monash University Low FODMAP food certification program. This program makes it easier for consumers with IBS to identify low FODMAP food products in the supermarket.   

For more information on how to identify low and high FODMAP manufactured foods, read our label reading blog OR read Chapter 8 in the 'Booklet' on the Monash FODMAP App.

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