Your complete on-the-go guide to the FODMAP Diet

With the Monash University FODMAP Diet app you'll have easy access to recommendations about the foods you should eat – and those you should avoid – at every meal.


The app is direct from the research team that first developed the FODMAP Diet and includes:

  • An easy guide to which foods are low and high in FODMAPs
  • Over 80 delicious low FODMAP recipes
  • A digital version of the FODMAP Diet Guide booklet

Short on time? Easily find low FODMAP products near you

With the Monash University FODMAP app, you’ll be able to:

  • Find Low FODMAP certified products from major food brands
  • Discover what's available locally, and across the globe
  • Get regular updates from the Monash FODMAP team

Prepare certified low FODMAP meals and snacks

Use the FODMAP App to:

  • Access a library of low FODMAP recipes of meals and snacks
  • Create a shopping list to take with you to the grocery store 
  • Check unfamiliar foods to see their FODMAP levels

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