Vegan french toast

Vegan Low FODMAP French Toast

Lucy Taylor - Dietitian, 23 February 2015

The following makes 1 serve, simply double the recipe to make 2 serves.


  •   1/4 cup soy milk made with soy protein
  •   1/3 cup soft tofu* (85g)
  •   1/2 tsp vanilla extract 
  •   1-2 slices of gluten-free bread or spelt sourdough bread
  •   Cooking oil spray or 1 tsp of oil for cooking 
  •   Maple syrup to serve 

*Please note: soft tofu is classified under 'plain tofu', being low in FODMAPs.


  1. Add the soft tofu, soy milk and vanilla extract to a blender and process until well combined. If you don't have a blender, just give it a good whisk in a small bowl. 
  2. Pour the wet mix into a shallow dish and add the bread. Leave the bread to soak for a minute or so, then flip it over to make sure the other side of the bread is coated.
  3. Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat and add a light spray of oil (or 1 tsp or so of oil). When the oil is hot, add the bread to the frying pan. Cook on one side for a few minutes until golden brown, then flip the bread over and cook until the other side is golden brown.
  4. Serve on a plate and top with maple syrup.


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