Practical tips for FODMAP Reintroduction


Dr. Jane Varney - Research Dietitian, 06 January 2020

If you’ve tried a low FODMAP diet for 2-6 weeks and found your IBS symptoms improved, it is time to move onto Step 2 - FODMAP Reintroduction. 

The aim of Step 2 is to identify which FODMAPs you tolerate and which trigger your IBS symptoms. As always, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of consulting with a Monash FODMAP Trained Dietitian who will help you through all 3 steps of the FODMAP diet. 

Here are top tips to help you complete FODMAP Reintroduction: 

  • Wait until your symptoms are well controlled before beginning each challenge
  • Remain on your Step 1 low FODMAP diet while completing each challenge
  • Use the Diary in the Monash FODMAP App to identify challenge foods and doses. 

  • Challenge each FODMAP separately because tolerance to each may vary
  • Complete challenges one at a time, and at approximately the same time each day
  • Complete each challenge over a 3 day period
  • Break each reintroduction up in the following way, or as instructed by your dietitian
             On Day 1, include the challenge food in a moderate (amber) serve 

             On Day 2, include the challenge food in a high (red) serving

             On Day 3, include the challenge food in a higher red serve or your usual serving.

  • Record challenge foods eaten and symptom responses in a paper diary or the diary  in the Monash FODMAP App
  • Take a 2-3 day break between challenges, or until symptoms settle. In this time, return to a low FODMAP diet. 
  • Expect the entire reintroduction process takes around 6-8 weeks to complete.

Have any more questions about Step 2 Reintroduction? Get in touch on FACEBOOK, Instagram or via email 

See this blog for tips on using the app for rechallenge:

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