Pickled onions... More questions than answers??

Pickled Onions... More Questions than Answers??

Dr Jane Varney - Research Dietitian, 07 March 2017

You may have noticed that we recently updated the Monash App with the results of pickled onion testing. While the results will come as welcome news to lovers of large pickled onions as they were low in FODMAPs (containing low levels of fructans); small pickled were high in FODMAPs (containing high levels of fructose). We suspect that the low levels of fructans in the large pickled onions were due to the leaching of water soluble fructans into the surrounding pickling liquid. However, the detection of fructose in the small pickled onion came as something of a surprise to us, as did the difference in the overall rating of the two products. 

Why these discrepancies you ask? The short answer is that we’re not entirely sure. A few explanations may include:

  • differences in the variety of onion included in the two products

  • differences in processing/pickling methods used to make the two products (including differences in the pickling liquid used)

We are also not sure if the German results apply to Australian small pickled onions. Rest assured, our team will be investigating these interesting results further and will update you with any findings. For now though, you may enjoy including large pickled onions in your low FODMAP diet.
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