Endometriosis and the gut - seeking research participants!

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The Monash FODMAP Team, 07 March 2022

Monash University is conducting a study to understand the prevalence, type and frequency of gastrointestinal symptoms in women with and without endometriosis, and the role of psychological distress, stool and vaginal microbiota in these women. The study involves completing 2 questionnaires (online), and collecting 1 stool and 1 vaginal sample. The study can be completed entirely at home. We are looking for the following groups of participants: 

  • Volunteers diagnosed with IBS, but endometriosis ruled out via laparoscopy

  • Healthy volunteers with no IBS, no endometriosis and no other gut disorder

To check your eligibility for this study and to consent to participate, click here

Endometriosis Australia is a supporter of this research study. 

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