Eating vegan on a low FODMAP diet

Eating vegan on a low FODMAP diet

Lucy Taylor - Dietitian, 25 November 2014

As FODMAPs are found exclusively in plant foods (with the exception of lactose in dairy products), and vegans rely solely on plant-based sources of dietary protein, this can make it difficult (though not impossible!) for vegans to follow a low FODMAP diet and get enough protein. There are many good sources of plant-based protein which are also low in FODMAPs, including soy foods and grains.

Although whole soy beans contain a significant amount of the galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) stachyose and raffinose, many products made from soy beans are actually low in FODMAPs. 

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Tofu is a curd made from soy beans, and during the production of tofu, the FODMAPs are separated out so tofu is naturally low in FODMAPs. Firm tofu is a very good source of protein, with around 15g per 100g. It is also a good source of iron and zinc. 

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Tempeh Tempeh is another high-protein soy product which contains around 18g of protein per 100g. Although tempeh is made from whole soy beans, as it is fermented, it is low in FODMAPs.

Soy milk

Soy milk made from soy protein (rather than whole soy bean) is also low in FODMAPs, and a good source of protein at around 8g per 250mL cup. 


Some low FODMAP and gluten-free grains are also relatively higher in protein including quinoa (4g per 1/2 cup serve) and oats (4.2 per 1/2 cup serve). Grains also provide dietary fibre and B vitamins.

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Legumes & lentils

Although most legumes are high in GOS, canned brown lentils can also be included in small quantities (up to half a cup; 46g; 1.62oz). 

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Nuts & seeds

Nuts and seeds including brazil nuts, peanuts, macadamias, pecans, sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and walnuts are also low in FODMAPs and contain good amounts of protein. 

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