Eating out on a low FODMAP diet

Eating out on a Low FODMAP Diet

Erin Dwyer - Research Dietitian, 12 June 2017

Eating out when you are on a Low FODMAP diet is definitely possible, here are our 5 tips you can use so that you don’t miss out on the fun of socialising over food!

  1. Check the menu online first – Most restaurants now have their menu on their website or on one of the many ‘restaurant rating apps’. Look out for meals with suitable ingredients or whether they have a statement like ‘Dietary requirements catered for’ OR ‘Please notify your waiter if you have dietary requirements’.
  2. Stress can be a trigger for IBS symptoms in some people, so being organised and phoning the restaurant ahead of time can often be very helpful. This way you can check to see how accommodating they are of dietary requirements and if their chefs can cater for your needs.
  3. Always check meals on the menu that contain dips or sauces, as this is often where there can be some hidden garlic and/or onion– ask for them to be provided on the side.
  4. If nothing on the menu looks appropriate for you, try the side dishes or ask for a serve of plain protein and steamed vegetables or salad on the side e.g. steak and veg. 
  5. If you have planned to eat out try to eat as low FODMAP as possible beforehand e.g. if going out for dinner, make sure breakfast and lunch is low FODMAP. This way you are reducing your overall FODMAP intake so there is less chance of a build-up effect. 

Remember, it is your health and you have the right to ask for what you need so be confident and don’t feel embarrassed.

Come back next week for some specific dish suggestions for different cuisines.

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