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Jeanie McClymont - goodMix Superfoods Founder, 25 October 2021

Designed by a naturopath-foodie, Blend11 is simply eleven wholefood ingredients, skillfully mixed to create a high protein, high omega, high fibre, Low FODMAP & low carb breakfast booster.  Ingredients are: Chia seeds*, flaked almond, buckwheat*, pepitas*, flaxseed*, sesame seed*, coconut*, cacao nibs*, goji berries*, puffed amaranth*, puffed millet*. (*= certified organic). The recommended serving size is 50g daily, & it is certified Low FODMAP up to an 80g serve. 

The mix is designed to be soaked overnight (or ‘activated’) to soften the seeds & make them more digestible, then served with lactose free yoghurt, or coconut yoghurt & berries. It’s also great blended into a smoothie, protein shake, or porridge / oats  / cereal etc. Simple instructions on the pack show how to prepare.

Best Poos Ever??

After 10 years selling to customers face to face in farmer’s markets, the most common customer feedback on Blend11 has been ‘BEST POOS EVER’. There are many reviews to confirm this is the case! This was the reason goodMix naturopath Jeanie McClymont chose to certify Blend11 as Low FODMAP, as the IBS customers were proving to be her ‘most regular’!

Diverse Fermentable Fibre For a Healthy Gut

A healthy & diverse bowel ecosystem requires diverse fermentable fibre to feed it. Different gut bugs prefer different areas of the colon to live in, & different types of fibre to feed on. The best way to support a diverse microbiome throughout the length of the colon is to consume a wide variety of fibre-rich plant foods (like fruit, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds & whole grains). One challenge with Low FODMAP eating is that many of these fibre rich foods are also high in FODMAPs! FODMAPPERs often struggle to find a variety of fibre to keep their gut bugs well fed, without messing up their diet or setting off their IBS symptoms. 

A diet low in fermentable fibre can (over the long term) actually create poor microbial balance & is the reason a Low FODMAP diet is not recommended for the general population or for long term use! Blend11 comes in handy when following a Low FODMAP eating plan as it supplies diverse fermentable fibre that is very well tolerated by sensitive tummies, in a quick & easy to eat product. It has also been tested by the CSIRO gut research team & found to support microbial butyrate production, which is a highly beneficial by-product of fibre fermentation, known for its gut healing & bowel cancer preventative properties.

Where do I buy Blend11?

Blend11 is available in Australia & the USA (Jeanie produces from Burleigh Heads Australia & her brother Andrew has moved to The States & makes Blend11 in Vermont)! 

Try Blend11 at 20% off using the code FODMAP20 to order from the Australian website / USA website, or enquire in your local health food store!

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