10 foods you didn’t know you could eat on a low FODMAP diet

avocado small serve

Dr Jane Varney - Research Dietitian, 25 May 2015

Finding your low FODMAP diet a bit restrictive? Well you’re not alone! But it could be less so if you use the Monash App properly! As you’d know, the ‘Guide’ section of the App provides a traffic light rating of foods at a full serve. But did you know that if you click into each food you can see its traffic light rating at a half serve? Many foods rated ‘red’ at a full serve are rated ‘green’or ‘amber’ at a half serve. Likewise, many foods rated ‘amber’ at a full serve are rated ‘green’ at a half serve.

The 10 foods listed below are all rated ‘red’ at a full serve, but ‘green’ at a half serve.

1. Pasta (wheat) – ½ cup cooked,  74g

2. Wholemeal bread (wheat) – 1 slice, 24g

3. Lima beans (boiled) – ¼ cup, 39g

4. Butter beans (canned) – ¼ cup, 35g

5. Sweet corn – ½ cob, 38g

6. Snow peas – 5 pods, 16g

7. Avocado – 1/8 avocado, 30g

8. Raisins – 1 tablespoon, 13g

9. Almonds – 10 nuts, 12g

10. Chocolate chip biscuits – 1 biscuit, 12g

There are many more examples in the Monash App, including of foods rated ‘amber’ at a full serve and ‘green’ at a half serve, so have a play around. You might just find that your low FODMAP diet is less restrictive than you originally thought!

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