Survival guide to the festive season: part 3

Survival guide to the festive season: Part 3

Shirley Webber - Research Dietitian, 22 December 2016

Keep it fresh

If you’re invited to join family and/or friends for a Christmas at their place then offer to bring a salad or a vegetable mix that you know you would enjoy and work for you. Get creative with the flavours and bulk it up with all your favourite ingredients. This way if this salad or vegetable side is the only thing on the table to suit your tolerance levels then you can be sure there is a tasty meal there for you. Also I’m sure your host wouldn’t mind the extra help.

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Hydrate the right way

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Christmas time may feel you wishing you could have an unlimited caffeine supply available at any second but this can contribute to symptoms for many people. You may also be a victim or the energy spike and early in the day and feeling the caffeine jitters that can make you feel even worse in the evening with a restless night sleep and the vicious cycle continues. If that is you swap your afternoon coffee fix for an afternoon herbal tea. There are plenty to choose from on the app.   

Also caffeine can cause symptoms for some people so avoid the urge to have more than you know your body can tolerate.

This also goes for alcohol which can increase symptoms and further contribute to the stress of Christmas. Try alternating your alcoholic drinks with water during your celebrations.

As always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to help those of you with constipation as a predominant symptoms to maintain your regular bowl habits keeping things moving through and helping you enjoy the festivities.

Remember to enjoy this time with family and friends and make time to relax and refresh before the New Year.

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