20 October 2014

Feijoas: newly tested for FODMAP content

Feijoas: Newly tested for FODMAP content

By Caroline Tuck - Research Dietitian

Our FODMAP laboratory team have recently completed the testing of feijoas.

Our team has received many requests from dietitians in New Zealand about the FODMAP content of the popular fruit, otherwise known as the pineapple guava.

Feijoa - 1 serve (2 small feijoas) 100grams ( 3.5 ounces) HIGH
Feijoa – ½ serve (1 small feijoa) 50 grams ( 1.7 ounces) HIGH

Feijoas have been given an overall rating of red.   The serving sizes specified here contain high amounts of excess fructose and intake should be avoided if you malabsorb fructose.  Avoid large servings (> 3 small feijoas, 150gm) which also contain high amounts of the Oligos -fructans. Feijoas should be avoided by people with IBS if they malabsorb fructose.  Large quantities of feijoas should be avoided by all individuals with IBS.

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