Chestnuts - newly tested food

Chestnuts - Newly Tested Food

Dr CK Yao - Research Dietitian, 05 June 2015

By CK Yao (Dietitian, PhD Candidate)

Chestnuts are a popular treat during the fall & cooler seasons around the world. They are commonly eaten steamed or roasted and can be included as a snack during Winter or incorporated into a baked dish or meal. The flesh provides a sweet and nutty flavour.

Chestnuts have been on our frequently asked food list for a while now. One serve of chestnuts (20 per sitting) is low in FODMAPs and should be tolerated by most individuals. However, excess consumption of chestnuts, 25 chestnuts or more, has a moderate FODMAP rating (from oligosaccharides – GOS) and should be limited. 

Chestnuts FODMAP Rating
1 serve (20 cooked chestnuts; 84g) LOW
½ serve (10 cooked chestnuts; 42g) LOW
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