Bourghal: newly tested for FODMAP content

Bourghal: Newly tested for FODMAP content

Monash FODMAP Team, 11 November 2014

Bourghal (also known as burghul, bourghul or bulgur) is a form of cracked wheat or groats often used in Middle Eastern or Lebanese cuisine. The grain is parboiled, dried and then ‘cracked’ or ground prior to being sold. Some of the husk or brain of wheat is removed during the grinding. It has grainy texture similar to couscous and a slight nutty taste. A low FODMAP serve of bourghal (refer to the Monash FODMAP App for serving size information) can contribute to a source of wholegrain. 

As bourghal has been parboiled, cooking this grain is relatively quick and easy. For tasty, 'instant' bourghal, add 2 cups boiling stock to 1 cup bourghal in a large bowl, cover and sit for  1 hour. You can then add this to a salad, as a good basis for a tabouleh or pilaf recipe or as a side dish instead of couscous. In one full serving size it contains high amounts of oligos and intake should be avoided if you malabsorb oligos. 

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